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The skills shortage in Germany’s nursing sector has long since become a political issue. There is a desperate need for qualified nurses even though the work conditions are good in the international comparison. At Victor’s, we found a solution to this problem years ago for our 120 residences – as we call our nursing homes. We contact well educated nurses, not only in Germany but around the world, offering employment here at our facilities. Thus we have learned what is important for the people who come to join us. To effectively start a new career in a country that is still foreign to them, with security and no fears. With an unlimited employment contract, good earnings and solid future prospects. Sounds interesting? Then keep reading – or apply here:


Who we are looking for – and what you can expect from us:

You have completed a course of studies as a nurse and your credentials are recognised by us. This means you are well prepared for working with us, since our facilities are not the nursing homes you know from Portugal. What awaits you with us in Germany is care of the elderly at the level of a hospital with internal medicine and geriatric care.

All of our facilities are structured this way. That also means more responsibility for you. As a rule, a doctor is always available at a hospital. With us, responsibility rests with the nurse who decides in case of need when in-house care is no longer sufficient and an emergency doctor has to be called.

In Germany the fundamental need for help with the accomplishment of curative care, personal hygiene, nutrition and mobility for seniors with physical or mental illnesses and infirmities is divided into five care levels. Depending on the individual care level, each elderly person living in our residences requires an average of 30 to 280 minutes of nursing time. Some need help at night or around-the-clock care. Naturally there is a need for human love and warmth that cannot be learned or quantified.

Thus we offer an environment where you can put all the abilities you acquired during your studies to use with heart and hand.

Application deadline is February 29th!

We will gladly call you back!

You have questions? Of course we call you back during our working hours, please use the form and leave at least a phone number we can reach you at.

    The start of your career in Germany lies before you. Here is what you can look forward to:

    A permanent position for an unlimited term after completing the 6-month probationary period

    A salary that is competitive in the international comparison

    Ongoing, continuing professional development – we cover the costs

    A management culture in our facilities that takes your needs and wishes into account

    A friendly working atmosphere defined by cooperation

    Individual career opportunities in nursing, nursing administration and nursing education

    … and should you need it, a welfare system you can truly rely on with a German employment contract. Interested? Then read on to find out how we can get together:

    Matters of the heart

    Vania Mendez

    Vania Mendez: Not what I expected. Because it’s so much better.

    After I completed my studies in Portugal, there wasn’t really a future for me at home. Then I saw the offer to work for Victor’s in Germany as a qualified nurse. Naturally the prospects there were a lot better.

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    Victor Mendez

    Victor Mendez – all’s well that ends well.

    I broke off my studies in Portugal after one year because I had to get a job. After I tried my luck in France, my wife ultimately found the position with Victor’s in Germany. But I didn’t know any German yet, had not completed my studies and initially found nothing in Germany.

    to read


    Manuel Moreira

    Manuel Moreira – a career my family and I can be proud of

    I am familiar with both worlds. I grew up as the child of Portuguese parents in Germany, completed a course of studies in nursing management here and then worked in that occupation in various German facilities. Certainly things have not always been easy.

    to read

    Hurdles overcome successfully

    Daniel Klein

    Daniel Klein – we know what we are doing and provide support where we can

    We are a pioneer in the international recruitment of skilled workers in geriatric care. Since more than five years, we have been recruiting people from around the world to work at our 120 facilities across Germany. That is why we have a specialised department for this at Victor’s.

    to read

    Let’s get to know each other – the first step towards a job with a future in geriatric care.

    Getting started in a foreign country is never all that easy. Take heart, apply if you think that a secure job with future prospects after completing your studies is just the thing for you. That is the first step.

    Go directly to the application here  

    If we agree that you are right for us, we will get to know each other personally. Here in Portugal. We’ll talk. In Portuguese of course. If you and we are convinced that it’s a good fit for both sides, we take the next steps together:

    In a programme subsidised by the EU, you learn German while still in Portugal. Taking part in this programme costs you nothing. In the interim we apply for official recognition of your degree in Germany, you decide at which of our 120 locations you would most like to work and we conclude an unlimited, German employment contract with you (a 6-month probationary period is customary under German employment law).

    Once you successfully pass your examination for “German at language level B2” after about 6 months, your employment contract comes into force. Then you head for your new job in Germany.

    What makes your start in Germany easy:


    You can live in your residence, at your place of work, for up to 6 months for a small fee. Ample time to find a place of your own.

    Elements of daily life:

    Our integration officers with special training provide practical support to help you make a home for yourself. For example, they help with bureaucratic matters, opening a current account or choosing the right mobile phone contract.

    Solid training:

    Nobody who starts a new job can do everything well right away and instantly knows what’s important. Which is why we developed a concept that helps you quickly gain confidence in knowing what counts.

    What else you should know about Victor’s

    We represent geriatric care with a big heart and a broad chest. Enabling a good, self-determined life for seniors is our mission, impetus and pride. We are part of the Victor’s Group with more than 120 facilities for seniors across Germany, two nursing schools and our own academy. 120 facilities for seniors means that we have more than 17,000 beds with 14,000 inpatient nursing spaces and 3,000 assisted living spaces. About 12,500 people work in the group as a whole, not only in geriatric care but also in 13 hotels, at a resort and a construction firm. The possibility of finding a job in one of our other divisions, for example for a spouse or family members, is always given. We are a family-run company. And we know how important family is. That is one of the reasons we have been successful for more than 40 years.

    Work at Victor's
    Application deadline is February 29th!

    Careers with a future in geriatric care – start now.

    Interested? We are glad to hear that! You will find the application form here:

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    Mrs Irene Aguiar will be gladly available to answer any further questions on the phone during office hours (8 AM – 4 PM): +351 214 826 776.

    We will gladly call you back!

    You have questions? Of course we call you back during our working hours, please use the form and leave at least a phone number we can reach you at.

      Nearly 150,000 people of Portuguese origins are already living in Germany, most of them in metropolises like Berlin and Hamburg. You want to work there too? We can probably arrange that. Or would you prefer a midsize city like Bonn or Mainz? Gladly. You don’t really like metropolitan regions and would be more comfortable in a rural area, like Oberau in Bavaria with a view of the Alps? That too is possible – you will find our 120 locations across Germany here on the map. Take a look and get inspired about where you want to live and work starting in 2021.

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